Monday, October 4, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- Master of Swords

The Master of Swords- both the suite and the SW universe- would obviously be: The Master Swordsman; Mace Windu.

I really saw a very strong, dominant figure for the card- a pillar, if you will. But lots of fire- as in my deck, the Swords are the suite for Fire. That in itself is the reason for the bright, sun heavy and warm palette for the card. I also used the iridescent colors for the border and this time the Lightsaber as well!
Funny little fact, when I was coloring the sky, had forgotten to leave space for the Lighsbater blade- so I had to continue and figure out how I would implement it. Enter one of my favorite mediums: Gouache! So the Lighsaber blade is actually gouache.

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Mbala said...

I really like this one! Very cool!