Saturday, March 6, 2010

Underworld Valentines

I figured I'd take my favorite Romance Story/Movie and make valentines out of them for this year. I'm a little late- I was busy in Feb.
My favs are the first and last- primarily becuase I love Selene and Michael. You have to admit, Selene- best female role model ever. And the ONLY one I have after 28 years of not having anything to go by.
I want a bustier. And a werewolf boyfriend.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shadow of a Trickster

Another image made for the Round Dance, hosted by the NCC on Feb 27, 2010.

When you look at something for what it is- you are only looking at a fraction of it. Reason, symbolism, and intent remain by the far the most important driving force behind why a person does what they do. Like a shadow that is cast behind them after they move- it's the remain of what was done.
Similar so is our spirit- that drives us to do what we do.

Here, Raven's spirit becomes obvious in the sunset's light- the trickster revealed in a world of cast shadows- where the actions have giving away to reveal the intent- the spirit of someone's actions.

If all that is left are those shadows- let us hope that we can leave behind the reminiscences of good actions, and not the bad- the way Raven left behind the light.
May we leave behind wet-lands and rain forests, good natured people and peace; not the catastrophes of war, and not the the sentiments of extremist ideals and fundamentals that have left the word in anger and hate.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spirit of the Hunt

One of many images created for the Round Dance, hosted by the NCC on Feb 27.

This image is reflective of the spirit of my driving force, and the bond of nature that keep us together. The necessity to hunt and provide is not only one that keeps a family together, but it also turns strangers into relations. We depend on one another, we seek comfort in one another, and it's those bonds of love that make us who we are. So many people are so bent on exclusivity and segregation- which only leads to hate and deliberate ignorance.

Listen to the voices of our ancestors- the reason why we are here; becuase if they didn't depend on each other, and care for one another, they would not have been able to exist. It's time we opened our eyes and realized this for ourselves, before we go destroy one another in attempt to prove how much better "we" are.

What keeps us together isn't the knowledge that we are better. It isn't the fear that "they" are coming to get us. It's the reality that we all- irregardless of our heritage and ancestry- have to learn and want to survive. And that is good enough to unite every individual in every species on this planet.