Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bison Concept

Back in 2003, I was attending my first year at Animation. During that time, I had caricatured one of our teachers [Kaj Pendal] as a Bison. This was amongst the first concept for my “Raven” film.
However, as time went by, I realized there was no place for a Bison in a film that was NWP… and I don’t like mixing concepts, so the Bison had to go.
It was about 2006-8 (can’t remember the exact year) where I stumbled upon a powerful opening dialogue/forward to a television documentary series. It immediately sparkled a idea for a short, and what do you know? The retired Bison was the perfect visual match to the talking voice, and to the concept. I brushed him off, and re-designed him to fit the new short.
The design isn’t complete, but it’s a current stand in for the boards. I completed them [the boards] and will be doing a full character rotation.

I have a very good, talented and devoted helper this time in my endeavors… and she will be helping in the production process of the film. So let’s hope in 2 months time, we will have polished final!

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