Saturday, September 4, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- Padawan of Energy

The suites in the Star Wars Tarot are different then the regular Tarot decks. I’ve seen decks that equate the Swords, Wands, Pentacles, and Cups to their elemental concepts, or change then to fit the metaphorical concepts to better suite the content of the deck- and mine is no different.
Instead of “Cups”, I worked off the concept of water- the flowing, calm aspect of it, and reached a verdict that it best suits energy. So this is the “Page” of Cups... now renamed “Padawan of Energy”.

Young Obi-wan fits the category well. I also have a special connection to this card as it was my card in my younger years- so I was tickled pink that Obi-wan matched the content of it as well.
Even though I was removing the “Earthly concepts” form the deck (Zodiac, religious, or concepts non-relating to Star Wars) I opted to leave in the elemental significance as the elements are present in that universe, and are universal. They also serve as a good visual identification to some of the metaphorical concepts.

Obi’s belt buckle is done with the iridescent ink, as is the borders- I only wish the iridescence could be conveyed through a scan- let alone the quality of the images that I feel would be better if I had a better scanner.

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