Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- The Lovers

It was a no-brainier to figure out that I would use Anakin and Padme for the Lovers card.
This was one of those pieces that I started originally on a different color- and after a little while realized it was NOT the right color I had in mind. But I never blow steam or go crazy for having to re-start a piece. From previous experience, having to restart usually means any errors get ironed out, and the second time around always come out ten times more glamorous than the first try- so I was delighted to start over.

I kept this card dominantly warm. The only “cool” colors are the green grass and blue waters of Naboo… and this was important in order to include all 4 elements in the card- Fire is the sun behind the Lovers, Air is what they are being formed form (the smoky/cloud) water and earth are represented by the background. I also wanted to include the balcony with the silhouettes to give the image a more vast and epic feel to it.
I also really liked the idea of having Anakin’s both arms embrace Padme- all the while keeping the “flat” style of the art intact. This also proved a good design tool to create that circle effect to really convey that wholeness of both figures together. Another fun tid-bit was trying to simplify Padme’s wedding dress.

A lot of people keep assuming this is Pastel- actually it is not. It's colored pencil on Canson board. Maybe the blending is too smooth for what some people consider pencil art- but these are truly done in colored pencil. In fact, they are being done with the set of 400+ color pencils my Grandmother bought me as a birthday gift- the last one she ever did before passing away.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- The Empress

Like “The Hermit” card, some of the titles themselves are obvious give-aways to the content.

However, it is to note something interesting: I cannot “read” Tarot cards. I have my own deck of cards I “read” from but they are not Tarot. This series is a result of a sort of “epiphany” I had one night… and I decided to run with the idea. After all, Star Wars is full of Archetypes that are found within the Tarot Cards as well, so I decided I would just illustrate what I “felt” fit the image/meaning of the card, and look for the “official” meaning/content after I was done. This way, I wouldn’t be swayed by the pre-conceived notion, but run with my instincts. As an artist (and generally as a person) I run by instinct over knowledge most of the time. My gut is my best intuition so I never ignore it.
What’s funny is after I design the image and then check its meaning- the meaning and my “gut” usually coincide.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Star Wars Tarot

In order to console myself for not being able to attend Celebration V this year, I decided to take upon myself a project that would include me in the shenanigans of the fandom. In fact, I would even extend the fun to include a GIANT project that would take me a LONG time to complete, there fore making my indulgence grossly enormous.
I decided to design a deck of Tarot Cards based off the Star Wars universe.

The first card in this series features not only my favorite character of the Saga (For those who can’t tell, Obi-wan Kenobi), but seems very appropriate for my current situation; after all, I’m all the way here, and the party is all the way in Orange County.

While these cards are based of the most popular deck (the Rider-Waite Deck) I adjusted some concepts to better fit the Star Wars universe, and of course my own artistic vision in the matter. The style I am using is a merge between Medieval Tapestry, and some sort of
flowing geometry that I felt appropriate for the card series.

Two things to note about this Hermit Card: I purposefully left out the stars in the image to keep in tune with the empty void/loneliness of the card. I also added the Homestead in the distance; this to better get that distant feeling through environment and location (in relation to Ben), but also to give the sense of the Guardian and Protector (Wise man) bidding time, quiet reflection, and introspection; common motifs with this Tarot card.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

BoY- Werewolf

My Second Submission to the Beasts of Yore Portfolio!
After doing the Wasgo piece, I had selected to do a more “common known” beast, but with a personal twist. I went for Werewolf, and playing of the old Hungarian/Romanian (Bohemia) lore and time period, I grew up with.
I adjusted the contemporary “look” of the Werewolf- from the popular “simply a wolf standing on two” design- to something more relevant to the time period of the 15th century and cultural ethnicity, along with a merge of Wolf-and-human anatomy. You will notice the long curly locks of hair that was relevant fashion for the men in that time period, along with the floral design of the frame- predominantly Hungarian. The horse- tack-like apparel/garb he is wearing is also modeled of the actual horse tack of that era in Bohemia.

Watch his blind eye though- approaching him on his right side, might end up being the last dangerous thing you will ever do.