Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- Master of Energy

Dear Mr. Jinn,
Your hair is red-brown. Not white. Even thought you insist in every design of mine to HAVE white hair, it is indeed red-brown. Being so adamant is only trying my guilt of Fan Accuracy vs. Guilt of Artistic License and puts me in a fowl mood.
I understand you have are the “Grey Jedi”; however that is a metaphoric reference, not a physical trait. Please make that distinguishing differentiation as to allow me to proceed with designing your cards without the need to foam at the mouth.

Your much-needing-a-Valium fan,

Like it’s family-card (Padawan of Energy), Master of Energy depicts not only the “flow” of energy, but also the associative element of Water. “King” of this family, it once again amused me how accurately Qui-gon’s character description modeled the King of Cups- from the diplomatic and non-aggressive approach to disputes, all the way to the tirelessly devious attitude if crossed. Obi-wan predecessor without a doubt.

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