Tuesday, February 19, 2019

For your consideration, 6 videos to exemplify my Story Telling capacity, as well as my Visual Direction in the form of boards and final scenes from shows I have worked on.
Comparative videos show my raw boards vs final product.

Comparative Video


Comparative Video

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rangerike Porcupine

Commission for client The client wanted a porcupine design that would later translate into a pendant. However, her request was for an old Scandinavian style. Of the 6 eras that were distinct in the art of the Viking era, one of the least popular celebrated is the Ringerike style; even thought the second last era, it was overshadowed by the Urnes era, immediately succeeding it [and the Oseberg Era- the first era-, for it's rare, scarcity amount of artifact in comparison]. I decided to select this style since the content- a porcupine- could benefit visually from the characteristic "horns" that embellish most of the beastly figures. Since the execution of the design is very plain [in the sense that it was going to be a simple vector of the creation of the pendant], I decided to embellish it at least for the client. I made it look like one of my many illustration for University, when documenting the figures.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Carver and the Moon

Commission for Client. The client wanted something that reflected certain aspects of her character, and so I helped her decide upon some symbolism that would be appropriate; The Carver- a symbol for the artisan/crafter The Moon- a dominantly feminine sign that went well with the kind of dialectic [opposites] she wanted, as well as association with water.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hangout Birds

Commission for client. Some projects are absolutely fantastic, in that they are super harmonized; great idea, great characters, and great environment! I had the opportunity to illustrate 5 bird friends, all hanging out on a rooftop of a city scape. It was the perfect contemporary urban setting and idea.. and I was certainly in the mood for it! I'm also posting just the layout sans the characters- some of the buildings in the skyline are/were in my hometown of Toronto. It was great and sentimental. :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

I love layout. Sometimes I like shaking things up a bit, and giving myself small projects just to test out some of my skills- both in design and atmospheric perspective. Here's on for the 'folio.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Star Wars Tarot- The Emperor

I admit, I've been dragging my legs posting my art since the beginning of the year. Truth be told, I got contracted to work at another studio, and it's been the focus of my time, so I forgot to update blogger. I wish I had some sort of script that would let me post to all my internet mainframes, and update them all at once. :) Anyways, onto the card! This card is super strait forward. It was also one that was completed in one sitting... and when I finished, I was thinking to myself "well, that's that". I usually fiddle with the cards and tweak them endlessly... and this one just didn't. Strait forward to the end. Originally I had included the eyes, but on a second glance I really did not want such an ominous look to it. The Emperor card isn't a bad on necessarily, so I wanted to alleviate any more-than-necessary negativity to it. And that's that.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Star Wars Tarot- Ace of Swords

They are BACK! After along hiatus, I resumed making the Star Wars Tarot cards. My goal is for one a week. I was deliberating multiple aspects of this card. First, I originally drew a Padawan/Knight figure holding the sword, but opted to remove any figures for the "Ace" cards simply to avoid any confusions with the "Master" cards of the same suit. Second, was the color of the card- I originally wanted a darker blue color but wanted the Ace card to reflect the "general dominant" color of the suite. After reviewing my previous cards, the dominant "Purple" color prevailed [coincidentally the color of Mace's Sword, who is also the Master of the suit]. When designing this card, one of the images that banged through my head was using the symbol for the Order of the Knights as the actual base concept. I simply punched out a rough concept of fleshing out the symbol to its more physical form- Mace Windu's sword being utilized for the lightsaber of choice [he IS the Master of Swords, after all], all the while the wings reflecting the 2 said of the Force Users. I opted to use Green instead of Blue [for the wing] because of a color theory purpose, more than anything else. The blue made most of the card uniform in its visual presentation, and almost "invisible". Now, my major issue is how to use the same concept with the other suits. Sadly, some of the logos that fit the visual side will not fit the symbolic side, or might imply that the suit is either "good" or "evil". Time to crack that drafting board!