Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Star Wars Tarot- The Sith

One of the most intriguing cards of this deck (I think so at least) was also one of the ones that simply “came to me” image and all without any fighting. In fact, I didn’t have to maul over the idea at all! *BA BUM CHING!*

In consistency with the Star Wars theme, the changing of the suits, and some of the titles/names, “The Devil” card is hereby known as “The Sith” card in the deck.

I had a busy week these past three weeks, and so I wanted to make up for it by putting out at least 2 cards this week, and I’m aiming for a grand total of 4 cards. I also have to make some arrangements, as I wan to reopen commissions for a couple of months now- so hopefully I can see through my 4 cards this week.
So far, it’s off to a strong start!

Piercing eyes are piercing.
Can’t go to sleep- Mauly’s going to eat you!

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