Friday, August 29, 2008

Creature Design IV

Continuing with my "SW creatures", this was the last one I had time to do before I began work on other things. I hope to be able to do more as the new [College/Uni] year starts, as I have a couple of lecture classes to attend, and I'll probably be doodling in them to take a break from my film production work.

I caught my sister's cold, but thank goodness I'm getting over it in a mere 2 days time. I have a shift tomorrow and I want to be healthy for it! XD
I might post a tasty model sheet teaser form my film for the hell of it. Just to get people excited. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Creature Design III

I've been totally neglecting most of my on-line life as of late. But I am happy to report it's for a good cause- by the first day back at my final year at Sheridan, I'll have completed ALL pre-produciton on my short. This means, Leica reel, Fun pack, model sheets, story board, and files will be finished. I'll be able to immediately start work on animation. Huzzah! :)
As for this pic, it's continuing with my creature creations form a while back.
This guy was based off- and created for- a friend of mine way back in the highschool days.
God, that felt like yesterday, and it was like... nearly 10 years ago.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Layout II

Originally this was a Layout for a commissioned piece. However, sometimes I get good inspirations/concepts that can easily be turned into portfolio pieces.
Since I was looking to get some "newer" layouts into my portfolio, I figured that this one was one I could easily run with and have some fun.
While I am aware that those gargoyles are from Notredam, I used them as atmospheric decor on the top of this building.
Paris scene... sometime in the late 1800's.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Batman and Robin

Some recent images I did lately were dabbling in different styles. I like challenging myself into getting out of "my style" and concentrating on others that are polar opposites.
This seems to be a huge crowd favorite amongst friends and family, so I figured I would post it here too.
I promise I'll stop with the Batman art.
Eventually. :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Creature Design II

Continuing with my Star Wars RPG Aliens I created.
This one is Labhi Trakjurn- the Padawan/apprentice to the last one [Nohe Kamu].
I was showing these around and it peaked the interest of an SW RPG group who might be looking for someone to design their characters. I'm hoping it fall through- I'd love to be back in the SW RPG pool once again. Great way to dwindle away the hours. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Creature Design I

Just finished up a 6 day work week. I did a ton of drawing, so those will be posted in the upcoming days.
This is the first of 4 I have on hand- a series of creature designs I did growing up and during the time of the Star Wars movies. I had an RPG group, and made a bunch of designs for friends who wanted "SW personas". I wish I had time to do more... I only managed to do two sets of Master-Padawan pairs and then got swamped with work.
I'll get to it eventually. :)