Monday, January 28, 2013

I love layout. Sometimes I like shaking things up a bit, and giving myself small projects just to test out some of my skills- both in design and atmospheric perspective. Here's on for the 'folio.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Star Wars Tarot- The Emperor

I admit, I've been dragging my legs posting my art since the beginning of the year. Truth be told, I got contracted to work at another studio, and it's been the focus of my time, so I forgot to update blogger. I wish I had some sort of script that would let me post to all my internet mainframes, and update them all at once. :) Anyways, onto the card! This card is super strait forward. It was also one that was completed in one sitting... and when I finished, I was thinking to myself "well, that's that". I usually fiddle with the cards and tweak them endlessly... and this one just didn't. Strait forward to the end. Originally I had included the eyes, but on a second glance I really did not want such an ominous look to it. The Emperor card isn't a bad on necessarily, so I wanted to alleviate any more-than-necessary negativity to it. And that's that.