Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rangerike Porcupine

Commission for client The client wanted a porcupine design that would later translate into a pendant. However, her request was for an old Scandinavian style. Of the 6 eras that were distinct in the art of the Viking era, one of the least popular celebrated is the Ringerike style; even thought the second last era, it was overshadowed by the Urnes era, immediately succeeding it [and the Oseberg Era- the first era-, for it's rare, scarcity amount of artifact in comparison]. I decided to select this style since the content- a porcupine- could benefit visually from the characteristic "horns" that embellish most of the beastly figures. Since the execution of the design is very plain [in the sense that it was going to be a simple vector of the creation of the pendant], I decided to embellish it at least for the client. I made it look like one of my many illustration for University, when documenting the figures.