Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Star Wars Tarot

In order to console myself for not being able to attend Celebration V this year, I decided to take upon myself a project that would include me in the shenanigans of the fandom. In fact, I would even extend the fun to include a GIANT project that would take me a LONG time to complete, there fore making my indulgence grossly enormous.
I decided to design a deck of Tarot Cards based off the Star Wars universe.

The first card in this series features not only my favorite character of the Saga (For those who can’t tell, Obi-wan Kenobi), but seems very appropriate for my current situation; after all, I’m all the way here, and the party is all the way in Orange County.

While these cards are based of the most popular deck (the Rider-Waite Deck) I adjusted some concepts to better fit the Star Wars universe, and of course my own artistic vision in the matter. The style I am using is a merge between Medieval Tapestry, and some sort of
flowing geometry that I felt appropriate for the card series.

Two things to note about this Hermit Card: I purposefully left out the stars in the image to keep in tune with the empty void/loneliness of the card. I also added the Homestead in the distance; this to better get that distant feeling through environment and location (in relation to Ben), but also to give the sense of the Guardian and Protector (Wise man) bidding time, quiet reflection, and introspection; common motifs with this Tarot card.

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