Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hye, Hye, Hyena

Some time ago we had some aboriginals from Africa come to the NCC.
Around that time I had doodles a Hyena, holding pencils in both hands and big monicals (5th down from the left hand side). The story behind that one was pbulished on my blog a few months ago:

A friend of mine and myself were bringing up bad animal stereotypes believed to be true way back in the day.
I WANTED to say that "Hyena's were thought to be Hermaphrodites"... but somewhere along the trail of thought, "Hermaphrodite" became "Androgynous" became "Ambidextrous".
And so I said: "People used to think Hyenas were ambidextrous!"
Pretty smart for fellas who don't even have any thumbs.

Well, when I related the story to the group of Nigerians (who were delighted and laughing at the thought of a Hyena with glasses and writing), they asked that I draw more Hyenas. Well, more like one had asked that I draw a Hyena in his likeness (this fellah laughed so much and at everything that his colleagues had called him "Hyena" as a nick name). At the time I was looking for a small design project to challenge myself, so I agreed.

Seen here were Hyenas based of the group of singers/dancers that came to visit, 3 plain caricatures for fun, and the ambidextrous Hyena.

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