Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Circus of Animals I-IV

I finally had a day off in 2 months.. so I decided to indulge the day in a design project for fun. I let all my family and really close friends choose their favorite animals for me to draw. While I sketched out many more, these 4 were completed today:
Lion- for my twin sister
Tiger- for Eric Kuba Ash, a close friend and Tiger Conservationist
Wolf- for my Grandfather
Bear- for my mom


Robert Parker said...

Wonderful. Simply wonderful.

I've had a very hard day, and looking at these was the perfect way to get me over the last hump that still awaits me, and they just made me smile.

Thank you!

Bernice Gordon said...

I'm glad I could Robert!
I know what it's like to have a monster of a day, but good art always seems to make it dissipate! And I am humbled that it was mine that did it for you! :)