Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Layout II

Just another layout. I've been on a layout binge lately, eh?
This time, it's based/inspired by an Austrian Castle Interior.
Gotta love the flamboyant European decor.


Robert Parker said...

Ah, Austrian foofy interiors... Gotta love 'em. Just like living inside a box of Mozart kugeln. Now, mad King Ludwig of Bavaria... HE knew how to do revoltingly indulgent interiors.

But yours is lovely too! Certainly too tasteful by Bavarian standards... add more swans, perhaps?

Bernice Gordon said...

Oh dude, you actually brought up the swans. You aren't the first either. I get the feeling that- had I actually seen with my own eyes these wonderful castles- I'd notice that motif more than any other?

The real question is- you as a musician. Would YOU play upon this piano, in this here aristocratic room?