Sunday, October 4, 2009

R.I.P. Wicket

Yesterday one of my friends noted me that his cat hat to be put down. She was suffering from FIP and was only 5 years old. It's the second cat in the last 2 days that I heard passed away (both of them belonging to different firends). I'll be making a little artistic tribute to both of them respectivly.
This one is Wicket. My you rest in peace Wicket! And take good care of your human companion from wherevere you are!


Sidney Wogman said...

Thats sad, cats are very special. Tho i am admittedly a dog person i have a certain respect for cats... mainly for their independence and unconditional love

Bernice Gordon said...

All animals do have their own unique characters. Can't say I'm either dog or cat person, but I love the personalities! I wish people had the capacity to love unconditionally, and behave in that same affectionate respect. :)