Thursday, September 24, 2009

Werewolves I

I'm on another binge for the last little bit. This time, it's my favorite "Dark"/"Horror" concept- Werewolves!
I'm sorry, I'm on the Lycian's side. Always have, always been.
So I sketched out some werewolf concepts. After all said and done, the first group at the top looks more like a different "Rival" pack then the bottom ones.
Yes, there ARE female werewolves amongst the sketches, but I'm not keen on the ling eyelashes and "effeminate" style of drawing monsters/animals as they are nearly identical to their male counterparts in nature.
Also, I wanted to design a couple of werewolves with collars because 1) I love cutting into the main and having the indication of the actual neck thickness, and 2) the implication they could belong to someone... sort of like an ancient tribal symbol of being "taken" but with a modern twist.

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